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Employees motivation theories developed at an international level.

Motivation is the activation or energization of goal-orientated behavior (1) , that´s why is really important in every company, because it influences or determine the work performance of employees, and each person needs differents stimuluos for achieve something or act in a certain manner.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs could be consider the most influenced theory related with motivation. This theory classifies people needs in 5 well-known categories: physiological needs, needs of security and safety, social needs (sense of belonging), needs of selfesteem and the needs of self-actualization.
Maslow mentions in this sense that "man is a perpetually wanting animal" and only an unsatisfied need can motivate the behaviour, the dominant need being the primary factor for behaviour motivation.

Another motivation theory is Frederick Herzberg's Two Factors Theory it is related about the sources of professional satisfaction and dissatisfaction.and in which it considers
that motivation and the increase of work performance can be only obtained through the action of the motivational factors, which directly reflect the content of the executed work by the employee on his position.

Theory X and Theory Y is the best known motivational theories, in which the employees is separated in two categories: x theory where the employees are indiferrent to the needs of the company that the belongs to, they dislike working and try to avoid it if they can, they are resistance to change so they must be forced, controlled in order to attain the company objectives.and the theory Y the employees like to make effort to achieve their goal and to obtain performance, because they are motivated by the content of theirs work.
The Alderfer's ERG theory has some similarities with Maslow Theory but the difference is that worker pursue multiple needs simultaneously.and the las theory is the McClelland's need which consist that people acquiered basically three needs, The achievement, power and affiliation need and those has it own motivator

Also exit three process theory : the expectancy theory, the goal setting theory and the equity theory.
The expectancy establishes a connection between the employees’ motivation and the
certitude of their expectancies.and the motivation is posible if the exist a clear relation between the work performance and the results.
The goal setting establish that the level of motivation and performance is higher when the individual has specific objectives established and when these objectives are accepted and are offered a performance feedback. Feedback is essential to take the employees motivated. And The equity theory states that people are high motivated when people perceived that they are treatedare in same way.

To conclude the development of human resources and the daily activity are very important factors for increasing employees’ satisfaction, and its neccesary to stimuluos and motívate the employess if you want to obtain better results.

1. What are the Hawthorne Studies? explain its importance for studying motivation at the workplace and its influence over diverse motivation theories. (include key findings and limitations) (max. 500 words)

Hawthorne Studies were conducted by Elton Mayo, this studies particulary examined the impact of work conditions in employee productivity, Firstable this experiment began by examinating the physical and environmental influences of the workplace and then analyzing the psychological aspects and also evaluating the impact on employee motivation as it applies to productivity. In others Word this effect wants to demostrated that Employees are more productive , when they know they are being observed and also highlights that employees needs to be stimulus to increase the productivity.
Relating this studies with Frederick Herzberg's Two Factors Theory we can interpretated that people are quite similar but in general view has more differences that similaries that why knowing or studying the human behavior we can discovered that each person needs to be motivated in different way to gain more form him/her and to get better results. And the increase of work performance can be only obtained through the action of the motivational factors
Comparing with Mc Clelland, demostrated that everybody use differents techniques of putting the component parts of the relay together and also research findings into achievement motivated people.
So with this experiment or studies manager understoond that they have to motivate their worker if you want to gain productivity, The workers needs to feel pleased that their ideas are being heard and feel that they are part of the company. And another thing that you must to take into account is a good communication and relation between supervisor and employee to create a positive attitude in the work environment. And know that exist several factores that could influence the productivity or job performance such social factors, informal organization, Work-group norms also the need for recognition, security and sense of belonging .

2. Based on the class activity about "Flight 001: Motivating Employees", please answer the following question: ¿Which motivation theory do you think has the most relevance for understanding the behavior of Griffin and fostering her motivation at work?

I think the McGregor's Theory has the most relevance for understanding the behavior of Griffin because she felt that she was Part of the company and she was appeciate so she feel motivated again and founded a place where she could make contribution and be challenged and also could help to the progress of the company increasing opportunities and helping it to achieve the purpose. So she will be commitment to the organization because she is satisfying with her job.

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•Viorel, Lefter, Manolescu Aurel, Marinas Cristian Virgil, and Puia Ramona Stefania. 2009. "EMPLOYEES MOTIVATION THEORIES DEVELOPED AT AN INTERNATIONAL LEVEL." Annals of the University of Oradea, Economic Science Series 18, no. 4: 324-328.

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