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Communication + Virtual Teams

Communication and virtual teams.

Communication is a process that allows people interact and transmit information.
So people needs to have skill to stablish a good comunication, that why is esencial to be a expressive speaker(openly expresse thoughs and feelings) Emphatic listener(wiiling to lisen.concerned abouth others without responsabilities) Persuasive Leaders(encourage others to achieve goals instead of giving orders) Sensitive to feelings and informative. overtime technology has progressed and has created new forms of and ideas about communication. Those advance mechamisim has reduced the face to face communication and has increase the virtual team, that represents groups of people that are geographically dispersed and needs the use of informations and communications technologies for accomplishing an organizational task. This method are becoming increasingly to reduce costs, improve quality, compete globally, improve customer service, and accelerate the product development cycle Others reason that promote the use of virtual team is the “business pull” that is being produced by the expansión of global operation, the necessity to penétrate to new markets and posibility to utilize the diverse human resource capabilities of people. And “technology push” is being produced by the advent of new electronic technologies in communications

Virtual team could has problems associated with the lack of direct person-to person contact and immediate managerial oversight, such an ineffective communication in the absence of nonverbal components of messages ,loss visión, lack of leisure time for team members , resistance to the unstructured nature of the team, Require developing skills of employees on special virtual teaming supporting applications. lack of opportunities for team members to build relationships and trust, as well as to address issues caused by heterogeneous membership in terms of location and culture.As we have mencionated virtual team has advantages and disadvantages but is posible that a benefit could create a negative effect so we can said that classification (advantages and disadvantages) is subjective, so to eliminate or decrease the adverse effects of teams is important to consider three aspects: (1) the team has to be a clearly bounded group of people with a shared collective responsibility for the outcome, (2) the team leader has to establish basic norms of conduct and make these explicit, and (3) the reward systems of the organization have to recognize collective performance of the team.

An effective and sucessful virtual teams requieres some factors like ; communication, trust, leadership, clear goals, and technology and if you want to design, plan, implement a virtual team you must consider t eam structure, strategic objectives, work characteristics, and situational constraints.

A prerequisite for virtual teams is building a firm foundation; thus, face-to-face relationship building is essential becasuse that iface to face nteraction develop trust and respect at the onset of a project for successful
interaction of team members. face-to-face meetings are held at three points in the life of a virtual team:
• At commencement: When face-to-face contact can create social relationships, build mutual trust, establish reciprocal commitment, and establish a shared set of business goals and objectives.
• At an intermediate stage: When workshops can influence relationships, resolve misunderstandings, and clarify task issues
• At winding up: When gatherings can finalize unresolved items, generate commitment to output, and celebrate

When we talk about virtual global teams we can determine two key challenges in leadiing that are isolation and confusión. And also exist diferents elements lead to successful virtual teams:
• human resource policies that recognize, support, and reward virtual team members and leaders;
• an adaptable “flat” organizational structure, rather than a hierarchical, control-oriented organization;
• an organizational culture that values communication, learning, teamwork, and the need for diversity;
• people who possess good verbal, listening, and writing skills; and
• a technologically advanced organization and people trained in using technologies.

To conclude , Most of the problems lies for the poor communication, that why In this environment, trust, shared understanding, and depth of relationships among team members serve as important antecedents for virtual collaboration and to have ann effective virtual team you must guarantee that the employees have well-developed self-discipline and a clear understanding of project management concepts from their other dayto- day work experiences.

Based on the article “If Intercontinental were a sound…what would it be?”*, Please discuss the implications (potential advantages, disadvantages, challenges, etc.) of using sounds to send strategic messages. You need to integrate the use of key concepts relating to the topic of communication to support your answer.

All forms of communication require a sender, menssage and a receiver,so in the process to comunicate something is possible that the sender or the receiver could translate the message in a wrong way. So when you want to use sounds to send strategic messages, people could interpretate in many differents ways, and also is possible that someone wants to transmit a specific detail a nobody understand the meaning, that means that the understanding of menssage is subjetive. Also using sounds to comunicate does not generate as much impact as if it would be using a more direct communication. Another limitation is that Music is not representational: it does not sharpen the perception of the external world

On the other hand it is possible that using this mechanism could reach more people, generate more effective respond and avoid some barriers that are in a face to face communication such race, religion, also can create an enriching and stimulating environment.

Aristotle explained 2500 years ago that music is mimetic or imitative. Imitative of what? the harmony of the spheres? the sounds in the world around us? human emotion? To a certain extent all of these are right. What remains the same, however, is the role that emotion plays in the significance of our responses to music.(1) that means that human have a better understanding of emotive responses to music.

So as we demostrated, using sounds to send staegic menssages has advantages and disavantages so i recommend when you want to use this type or mechanism to comunicate you need to know well what you want to transmit and if using this way you going to achieve the goals and be sucessful.

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•Kuruppuarachchi, Palitha R. 2009. "Virtual team concepts in projects: A case study." Project Management Journal 40, no. 2: 19-33.
• (1)

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